CUPE 3913: End the lockout!

February 17th 2017


The CUPE 3913 Executive is currently in negotiations with their staff, represented by CUPE 1281. In their capacity as the Employer, the CUPE 3913 Executive proposed over 150 changes to the collective agreement governing Manuel’s working conditions. CUPE 3913 is demanding serious concessions, which would casualize the work at the 3913 office, cut benefits and undermine union rights.

CUPE 3913 represents sessionals, GSAs and TAs at the University of Guelph. They are currently bargaining their own contract with the University. The University is making similar concessionary demands on CUPE 3913, and CUPE 3913 is rightfully resisting them. But while CUPE 3913 and other campus workers are fighting back against “efficiency” and austerity measures from the University, the CUPE 3913 Executive is trying to push the same agenda on their workers.

CUPE 1281 has tried to be flexible to accommodate CUPE 3913. We have tried to work with them to accomplish what they want without undermining basic job security and union rights. We have offered to postpone bargaining until a more convenient time for their local. We have asked to extend mediation so we can continue negotiating to find solutions. But in each case they refused, and have now escalated to locking out Manuel.

A lockout means CUPE 3913 has stopped paying Manuel and stopped allowing him to do his work on behalf of 3913 members, in order to try and put pressure on him and CUPE 1281 (the Union) to accept their concessionary demands.

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