Executive & Staff

Every year 1281 members elect their Executive Committee. Here’s a list of your 2022-2023 executive:
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Sonja, Sharmeen and Lyndall at the CUPE National Convention.

CUPE 1281 has 3 Committees which are made up of individual members selected by election at the local’s annual Convention. Committees meet in person at least twice a year and are permitted to use conference calls and email to undertake work.

1. The Organizing Committee is chaired by the President and will be responsible for deciding either in concurrence with or against any organizing drives recommended to it by the Executive to be conducted by the local. The Organizing Committee will keep all information on organizing drives confidential.

2. The Governance Committee is chaired by the Vice-President and will be responsible to review, discuss the by-laws, standing policies, policies of CUPE, and new legislation that impacts the Local or unions in general. The Committee shall make recommendations for amendments or additions to the by-laws and policies of the Local. This Committee shall also undertake education work to inform members about any   changes in legislation that impact the work of their sector, public services, labour relations, equity or unions.

3. The Membership Development Committee is chaired by the Equity Officer and we will be responsible to discuss, recommend, develop and establish ways to engage members, communicate with and inform members about their union rights, and establish campaigns in the workplace that address equity issues and seek to minimize harassment and bullying in the workplace.

Additionally, Convention and/or Stewards’ Council may strike sub-committees as are considered appropriate for the needs and purposes of the Local.


2022/2023 Committee Membership
Committee Member
Organizing Committee Abir Shamim
Organizing Committee Elise Lee Lai
Organizing Committee Laura Cutmore
Organizing Committee Jesse Sutherland
Governance Committee Maija Duncan
Governance Committee Christy McMorrow
Governance Committee Gavin Nowlan
Governance Committee Olivier Desharnais-Roy
Governance Committee Nadia Kanani
Membership Committee Alex Medley
Membership Committee Alice Wu

If you are interested in joining one of the CUPE 1281 committees please contact president@cupe1281.ca.

What we do

Alyssa and Elise at the Day of Action for Paid Sick Days on August 29, 2020.

CUPE Local 1281 is a proud local of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). CUPE democratically represents over
500,000 workers from across the country. The union
collectively speaks for workers on issues like health care and workers’ rights to organize. At the same time, CUPE locals are largely autonomous, with the ability to hold their own positions and pursue local objectives.

As a composite local that represents workers in geographically disparate workplaces, the structure of CUPE 1281 is somewhat unique. Our structure consists of sub-locals with sub-local stewards, Steward’s Council, Convention, and an Executive Committee. In addition to the outline provided below, it is important to review the policy documents in the Resources and Documents section to understand the whole picture.

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