Updated Request for Proposals: Anti-Oppression Consultancy/Equity Review

In November 2020, a request for proposals was circulated to the CUPE 1281 membership and the public seeking a consultant to undertake a structural and equity review of the organization. The initial contract amount for the consultant was up to $5000. After careful discussion with CUPE 1281 executives and staff it was decided that CUPE 1281 needs to increase the amount of funding allocated for this work to take place. On February 8, 2021, the CUPE 1281 executive committee voted in favour of increasing the contract amount up to a total of $10,000. Below are the updated details for the Request for Proposals: Anti-Oppression Consultancy/Equity Review.

As a progressively minded organization, CUPE 1281 is seeking to improve its practices as an Employer and Union, and to promote equity for marginalized groups within our communities. We seek to ensure these principles are reflected throughout the Local’s policies, procedures, practices, relationships with staff, members, allies, and communities within which we work and live. We understand the importance of working towards ending the mistreatment, oppression, and violence often targeted at marginalized groups. CUPE 1281 understands that racism against BIPOC, and oppression more generally, are systemic within our societies and our structures and, therefore, within CUPE 1281. We must continually review and question our practices and work to change the way we confront discrimination and bias, whether conscious or unconscious. We must confront and dismantle racism and oppression within our internal structures and provide a safer work, and union, environment.

CUPE 1281 is seeking a consultant to undertake a structural assessment of the local, with a focus toward barriers for equity-seeking individuals, and to provide recommendations in regards, but not limited, to:

● the local’s current by-laws and related appendices;
● the local’s governing, and participatory, structures more specifically;
● the local’s policies and practices, as they currently exist, or may exist from time to time;
● the local’s current approach to its work as an Employer.
In addition to reviewing these items, we are looking for a consultant who will also undertake anonymous interviews with willing staff, executive officers, other elected members, and members at-large, to gather feedback based on their experiences within CUPE 1281 spaces. The consultant would also review email, text message and social media communication as deemed necessary.
CUPE 1281 is currently able to allocate $10,000 to this work. Our office is in Toronto, Ontario, but is currently closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, meetings would take place over Zoom or Google Meets. Should there be a need for travel and in-person meetings, this will be discussed and mutually agreed upon beforehand. Any in-person meetings must be fully compliant with public health guidelines and scientifically proven best practices.
We welcome expressions of interest until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, February 26, 2021. We welcome any questions you may have prior to submitting an expression of interest. If you would be interested in undertaking this work, please provide an expression of interest that includes the following:
● Background on your related experience
● A description of your related area of expertise, methodologies, and approach(es) to the goals outlined;
● An approximate costing of the work involved.
CUPE 1281 would hope to receive a mid-term report with recommendations on interim measures that can be taken by June 1, 2021, with a final report timeline to be negotiated between the parties. Questions, queries, and expressions of interest may be sent to David Simao, President, at president@cupe1281.ca.
You can view the PDF document of the updated Request for Proposals: Anti-Oppression Consultancy/Equity Review here.