CUPE 1281 Convention

CUPE 1281 convention is around the corner: Monday June 4, 2018.

If you’ve been thinking of getting more involved with your union, there are a number of opportunities that you can put your name forward for! Positions elected at convention will include:

  • Executive positions
    • President
    • Vice-President
    • Secretary-Treasurer
    • Recording Secretary
    • two (2) Co-chief stewards
    • Communications Officer
    • Equity Officer
  • Delegates to CUPE Council and Labour Councils
  • Delegates to Events:
    • CUPE-Ontario Racial Justice & Human Rights Conference, January 2019 (exact dates not announced yet), Toronto (6 delegates)
    • Ontario University Workers’ Coordinating Committee, February 2019 (exact dates and location not announced yet) (3 delegates)
    • CUPE-Ontario Convention, 29th May – 1st June, 2019 (President + 3 delegates)
    • CUPE-Ontario Women’s Conference, December 5th to 9th, 2018, Toronto (2 delegates)
  • Committee appointments (Membership Committee, Governance Committee, Organizing Committee)

Each sub-unit delegation consists of the sub-unit delegates elected from among the membership of the sub-unit. One delegate position is held by the Steward, and the others are determined according to the PBUs (number of positions in the bargaining unit ) formula:

1-5 PBUs = 1 delegate

6-10 PBUs = 2 delegates

11-20 PBUs = 3 delegates

21-40 PBUs = 4 delegates

41-80 PBUs = 5 delegates

Sub-locals with 80 PBUs or more are entitled to 6 delegates

Example: if your sub-unit has 15 members total (including the Steward), you are entitled to your Steward’s attendance plus 3 additional delegates, i.e. your total voting delegation will consist of 4 people.

Please RSVP your attendance (whether as voting delegate or non-voting delegate) by filling out this form by Monday, May 14th.

**Please also ensure that your dues are paid up till and including the month of March, otherwise your sub-unit loses its voting rights at Convention**